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Why do I need EDU Tax Advisors and their services?

Our clients tell us that they enjoy having one company they can go to for all of their Tax, Retirement and Estate Planning needs. At EDU Tax Advisors we have the right people with the right knowledge. We have CPA's, tax preparers, Financial Advisors and Elder Law Attorneys all working under one roof for you. Our advisors work together to make sure that your goals are met. You benefit because you receive sound advice from a tax, financial and legal basis.  In addition, if something happens to you, you have a team of professionals that are there to help you and your family.

Our clients also tell us that they enjoy our personal touch. When you come to our office you can expect to meet with us face to face.  We encourage you to ask questions; because we believe that the more you understand about your situation the better your decisions will be for you and your family.